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Symposium 1. Updates in Vascular Imaging Friday, September 9th(09:00-10:30)-Grand BallroomA(3F)
Chairpersons : Myung Ho Jeong, Kyung Mook Choi
Organizers : Chang Hee Jung, Chung-Hyun Cho
Ki-Yuk Chang
The Catholic University, Korea
Molecular Imaging of igh-riskAtherosclerotic Plaques: Is It Clinically Translatable?
Wang-Yuhl Oh
KAIST, Korea
Next Generation Intracoronary OCT
Jin Chul Paeng
Seoul National University, Korea
Molecular Imaging of Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque Using PET or SPECT
Ron Blankstein
Havard University, USA
Advances in Coronary CTA for Imaging CAD
Panel Discussion : Sung Ha Park, Chi Young Shim, Jin-Ho Choi

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Symposium 2 - Vascular Health in Women Friday, September 9th(09:00-10:30) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons : Hyun Ho Shin, Hak Chul Jang
Organizers : Hae-Young Lee, Hye Jin Kim, Soon Jun Hong
Su-A Kim
Dankook University, Korea
Lipid Metabolism in Postmenopausal Women
Chang Hee Jung
University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Korea
Atherosclerosis and Ectopic Fat Accumulation in Postmenopausal Women
Hoon Kim
Seoul National University, Korea
Role of Hormone Replacement Therapy
Mi-na Kim
Korea University, Korea
Cardiovascular Prevention in Peri-/post-menopausal Women (Non-HRT)
Panel Discussion : Dong-Bin Kim, Hae Jin Kim, Soon Jun Hong

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Symposium 3 - Role of Microbiota in Atherosclerosis Friday, September 9th(13:20-14:50) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons : Hyo Soo Kim, Youngmi Kim
Organizers : Ji A Seo, So-Yeon Choi
Koji Hase
Keio University, Japan
Anti-inflammatory Effect of Intestinal Microbiota
Yun Soo Bae
Ewha Womans University, Korea
Endotoxemia-mediated NADPH Oxidase Activation in Atherosclerosis
Kyu Yeon Hur
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Diet-induced Intestinal Changes and Metabolic Disorders
J. Mark Brown
Cleveland Clinic, USA
Drugging the Gut Microbial Endocrine Organ for the Treatment of Cardiometabolic Disease
Panel Discussion : Jin Ho Shin, So-Yeon Choi, Chang Hee Jung

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Symposium 4 - Food and Atherosclerosis Friday, September 9th(16:10-17:40) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons : Kwang-Won Kim, Yangha Kim
Organizers : Oh Yoen Kim, Min-Jeong Shin
Susanna Rosin
Raisio Finland, Finland
Evidence-based Dietary Management of Hypercholesterolemia
Myung Sook Choi
Kyungpook National University, Korea
Role of Rare Sugar on Lipid Metabolisms in Small Intestine, Liver and Adipose Tissue
Jong Ho Lee
Yonsei University, Korea
Application of Metabolomics: Efficient Approach for Verification of Lipid Metabolism
Oran Kwon
Ewha Womans University, Korea
Involvement of the Functional Foods in Modyfying the Relation between Platelet Activation and Atherothrombosis
Panel Discussion : Oh Yoen Kim, Min-Jeong Shin, Sunghwan Suh

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Symposium 5 - Adipocytokines in Atherosclerosis Friday, September 9th(16:10-17:40) - Grand Ballroom C(3F)
Chairpersons : Hong Kyu Lee, Moon Suk Nam
Organizers : Byung Wan Lee, Jaetaek Kim
Karen S. Lam
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Inflammation and Atherosclerosis: Role of Adipokines
Hyo-Soo Kim
Seoul National University, Korea
Mechanism of Vasculopathy in Diabetes : The Exaggerated Jagged1 and the Suppressed Notch1 in Endothelial Cells
Sang-Guk Lee
Yonsei University, Korea
Bile Acids and Amino Acids Profile Change in Metabolic Diseases
Sung Hee Choi
Seoul National University, Korea
Proteomics Analysis of Different Sites of Fats in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
Panel Discussion : Byung Wan Lee, Jaetaek Kim, Jung Hyun Noh

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Symposium 6 - Immune Cells and Cardiovascular Disease Saturday, September 10th(09:00-10:30) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons : Hun Taeg Chung, Inkyu Lee
Organizers : Goo Taeg Oh, Kyung-Hyun Cho, Jin Han
Goo Taeg Oh
Ewha Womans University, Korea
Immune Cells and Cardiovascular Disease
Youngkeun Ahn
Chonnam National University, Korea
Development of a Macrophage-specific Synthetic Promoter
Slava Epelman
University of Toronto, Canada
The Origin and Function of Resident Cardiac Macrophages
Jae-Hoon Choi
Hanyang University, Korea
Plasmacytoid Dendritic cells and Regulatory T cells-Partners in Atherosclerosis: "Yes I DO" way of Atheroprotection by Their Partnership
Panel Discussion : Kyung-Hyun Cho, Jin Han, Young Mi Park

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Symposium 7 - Dyslipidemia in Special Conditions Saturday, September 10th(09:00-10:30) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons : Sung Chull Chae, Jeong Taek Woo
Organizers : Yong-Seok Kim, Sungha Park, Kee-Ho Song
Sang-Hak Lee
Yonsei University, Korea
Dyslipidemia in Patients with Lipid-related Genetic Variants
Kee Ho Song
Konkuk University, Korea
Dyslipidemia in the Elderly
Wi-Sun Ryu
Dongguk University, Korea
Management of Dyslipidemia in Stroke Patients
Stephen J. Nicholls
University of Adelaide​, ​Australia​
Targeting Atherosclerosis in Patients with Low LDL Cholesterol
Panel Discussion : Yong-Seok Kim, Ji A Seo, So Hun Kim

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Symposium 8 - Managing Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: Evolving Strategies to Improve Cardiovascular Outcome Saturday, September 10th(13:20-14:50) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons : Hyung Joon Yoo, Oh Hoon Kwon
Organizers : Sang-Ho Jo, Byung Jin Kim, Dong-Ho Shin
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Hyuk-Sang Kwon
The Catholic University, Korea
Strategies for Lipid Management in Diabetes
Sungha Park
Yonsei University, Korea
Strategies for Blood Pressure Management in Diabetes
Jae Hyeon Kim
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Strategies for Glycemic Control in Diabetes: Future Opportunities of SGLT2 Inhibitor
Karen Furie
Brown University, USA
The Insulin Resistance Intervention after Stroke Trial
Panel Discussion : Sang-Ho Jo, Byung Jin Kim, Min Kyong Moon
Symposium 9 - Updates on Vascular Calcification Saturday, September 10th(16:10-17:40) - Grand Ballroom A(3F)
Chairpersons : Du Man Kim, Ick Mo Chung
Organizer : Eun Jung Rhee
Inkyu Lee
Kyungpook National University, Korea
Role of Metabolic Reprogramming in Vascular Calcification
Hironori Nakagami
Osaka University, Japan
Vascular Calcification via RANKL Axis
Ron Blankstein
Harvard University, USA
Use of Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease
Eun Jung Rhee
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
The Feasibility of Coronary Artery Calcium Score on the Prediction of Cardiovascula Diseses Related with Metabolic Diseases
Panel Discussion : Sung Hoon Yu, Ki Chul Sung, Su-Yeon Choi

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Symposium 10 - The Value of Imaging Surrogates for Cerebrovascular Disease Saturday, September 10th(16:10-17:40) - Grand Ballroom B(3F)
Chairpersons : Yong-Jae Kim, Donghoon Choi
Organizers : Yong-Jae Kim, Hyun Ji Cho
Sunuck Kwon
University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Korea
Carotid IMT as a Predictor of Future Stroke: Lesson form PICASSO Study
Sang Won Han
Inje University, Korea
Transcranial Doppler: More than a stenosis
Hyung-Min Kwon
Seoul National University, Korea
Cerebral Small Vessel Diseases on MRI: Covert or Overt?
Kwang Yeol Park
Chung Ang University, Korea
Cerebral Artery Calcification: Its Association with Cerebral Small Vessel Disease
Panel Discussion : Do-Sung Yoo

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Basic Research Committee Workshop - Korean Friday, September 9th(08:50-10:40) - Grand Ballroom C(3F)
Chairpersons : Jae Ryong Kim, Chi-Dae Kim
Akihiro INAZU
Kanazawa University, Japan
CETP Deficiency and Concerns in CETP Inhibitor Development
Gilles Lambert
INSERM, Reunion University, France
PCSK9 inhibitors for LDL Cholesterol Lowering but also for Atherogenic Lipoprotein(a) Reduction
Judit Marsillach
University of Washington, USA
Paraoxonases 1, 2 and 3: The Three Musketeers Against Atherosclerosis
Rae-Kil Park
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology​, Korea
Role of Peroxisome in Lipid Metabolism
Kyung-Hyun Cho
Yeungnam University, Korea
Dysfunctional Lipoproteins in Autoimmune Diseases and Enhancement by Policosanol
Panel Discussion : Kyung-Sun Heo, Young Mi Park, Kook Hyun, Jae-Hoon Choi, Chang-Hoon Woo

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Food and Nutrition Committee Workshop Saturday, September 10th(09:00-10:30) - Grand Ballroom C(3F)
Chairpersons : Myoung Sook Lee, Hyung Woo Lee
Oh Yoen Kim
Dong-A University, Korea
Relationship Between Fast-food and Dyslipidemia
Sang Min Park
Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea
Coffee and Cardiovascular Risk
Hye Jin Kim
Catholic University, Korea
Meal Guide for Prevention & Treatment of Dyslipidemia

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